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Welcome to Terroir Bistro
We serve simple, lovingly prepared 'rustic' food, grown and raised by ourselves or our wonderful local suppliers.

Every dish is we create tells a story of its origins and ingredients.

Our little Bistro is small & quirky and we're sure you'll love dining with us. Look forward to seeing you soon. 

Terroir Bistro
Restaurant of the year 2017

Christmas and New Year 2017 

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I love food! I also like sharing it with others. But I also care about where my food come from.

 I've been a livestock farmer for 10 years rearing poultry, pigs, sheep, cattle and goats and am really committed to high welfare standards and organic farming practices. I believe in farming for wildlife as much as for producing meat too. My native Shetland cattle help to protect the valuable wildlife site at Lathkill Dale near Bakewell by graze this National Nature Reserve and SSSI.
Our menu is changed regularily depending on what is available, what's good and what we fancy cooking for you. Take a look at the ​​Menu section to see a sample of our dishes. We generally offer 5-6 options for each course, always a good vegetarian selection and offer vegan and non carb (Palio) options most days.

If you have any dietry requirements please say when you book so we can offer you a great dining experience with us.
A great deal of the meat we use is produced by ourselves from our own livestock. We also work with local farmers and smallholders to provide us with all our ingredients. Everything from meat, poultry herbs, egg, honey to all our veg is sourced from Derbyshire when at all possible. 

We are always looking for the best the county has to offer, so if you have something you think we would like get in touch with tim at
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Thank you to Monika Sergiejew and Sarita White for their wonderful photography which brings the essence of Terroir Bistro alive on the website.

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